I love the ambient interior lighting. I’ve found that having a light foot does not help with the mpg as much as knowing how to manipulate the hybrid EV system to your advantage. Coming from the old hybrid NX, I was accustomed to letting it coast around 40 mph as it will stay in EV mode under 45 mph. The trick is to keep the vehicle from coasting into charge mode and to stay in the solid blue eco power band so the ICE isn’t utilized as much.

My wife thinks I’m crazy getting the Apex Blue coming from a dark grey NX but that blue with the dark rims is sharp IMO. I believe HUD is not part of the Premium package but is available as an option. I have a list of all the good roads and roads to avoid in Houston, driving a low coupe here will give you back problems. Surprisingly, Post Oak Blvd is a nice street to test acceleration on; done it many times myself. Taycan is ALL porsche will sell you today without idiotic lines. You will wait few months sure, but you can get it, don’t exaggerate.

Getting this car was a long process with the pandemic, shortages, and time slots constantly shifting. Love the car, it’s absolutely fantastic and has been great to drive. Now on prices, Base Taycan with battery pack and must have items is about 102k EUR for me and I really tried to order nothing (112k USD?). Plus in white or black Exchange rate you wont order it, so you spent extra, and 19s are too tiny for it as it is a big car, so 20s Turbo Aero are minium. Keeping interior stock, with metallic paint then you end up at 102-4k EUR. However, to be honest, I have severe hearing loss in both ears and I am not sure if I watched it with my hearing aids in or not!.

Custom Order 2022 Amg Gle 53 Arrived & Review

I would imagine the light would still be visible, just coming out from under the running boards. However, it might be that the two accessories are incompatible as they may take the same real estate under the car. Maybe one of the accessory guys here would know. Navigation is very nice and smooth, we use the android auto/apple carplay for navigation. Mainly Google maps and it’s well integrated into the infotainment system!

  • Here i4M50 base price without any options is 68.000€ while Taycan RWD 350KW bace price is 95.000€.
  • My wife thinks I’m crazy getting the Apex Blue coming from a dark grey NX but that blue with the dark rims is sharp IMO.
  • The TrueTouch touchpad (or whatever it’s called) would be an incredible system if CarPlay could agree…
  • Like the two of you, I live in the same MSA, but Katy .

And that Apex Blue paint looks amazing even though it’s a little harder to keep clean than the dark gray. I also got front side windows tinted 20%, front windshield 50%, and moonroof 5%…so cozy inside! The backup/360º camera resolution is notably improved over 2020. Integrated remote start is welcome.

I saw on your other thread that you are driving in degree weather. I think this is effecting your gas mpg. Like the two of you, I live in the same MSA, but Katy . https://forexaggregator.com/ I ordered this car when I absolutely have to go in town (where y’all are). Parking garages don’t like my 3/4 ton too much. I’m too old for all of these people…

Hey, thanks for your review, and glad you’re enjoying your new ride! I actually traded my 2020 RDX Advance (Modern Steel/Graystone) for a 2022 A-Spec Advance (same Apex Blue/Orchid as you got) a few weeks ago and am super happy with my decision! I would have gotten A-Spec and Advance together if they’d offered it a couple of years ago but ultimately am very happy to get that plus a few other upgrades. The added sound insulation and rear side laminated glass are very noticeable upgrades to me. The suspension actually feels softer over bumps but just as responsive in curves despite going from 19″ to 20″ wheels–presumably due to revised adaptive dampers. I love all the aesthetic upgrades inside and out–particularly more black interior surfaces including headliner and seat belts despite keeping a lighter color seat like my previous car.

Audi is below porsche and audi is equal to BMW in terms of overall quality. Not really apples to apples comparison – these cars are in totally diffrent price brackets and categories. Of course how big the difference is depends on the market.

Yes the premium does come with the HUD but I don’t really mind for it, but it is cool to have and my wife loves it.

There’s surely a lot of people cross shopping these two. Don’t let the difference in sticker price fool you. I hate Taycan’s headlights/front end, especially the headlights’ extension to the vertical vent – giving it the droopy appearance. They look so much worse than Porsche’s ICE cars headlights/front. I tried the same and my build was about $138,000. Any time that I got the options that I want kind of right I found myself moving to the next trim level to get a “package discount”, and it never comes.

My Review Of The 2022 Lexus 350h Premium

I only wish there was a custom mode where I could have comfort suspension with sport shifting. You’re gonna love it, it’s an amazing car from every angle, can’t say enough good things about it. I have the same exterior spec + running boards. Had it since July and love every aspect of it. I disagree with the absoluteness of your statement about Taycan shoppers “not” cross shopping and an i4.

The TrueTouch touchpad (or whatever it’s called) would be an incredible system if CarPlay could agree… I have an Advanced and I basically agree with everything you said, after 18 months of use. One thing that’s really cool is that if you have a USB stick in for music, and you select the APP for USB, you can scroll through the tunes right there in the heads up display! It’s pretty sweet to see the titles scroll by and you can select a song or title without taking your eyes off the road. I used the APPS a lot in my 19, but everytime some stupid alert came on (Seat Belt, A/S unavailable, etc), it would over write the Apps menu.

They also don’t state accurately that even a base Taycan with minimal options is over $100k. If you’re looking for something to add, the “Welcome Lights” are pretty sweet. They work just like the little light in the side mirrors and light up the area under the door. I agree with just about the whole thing. Overall I just really love the way it drives and looks.

My Review Of The 2022 Lexus 350h Premium

The sound system and the seats are, to me, the best things about this car. I haven’t made any modifications and not sure I will. Possibly roof rails at some point and maybe the dark emblems. The dealer threw in the all-season mats for free but I replaced them with Smartliners as they cover the dead pedal and under the accelerator pedal better. I’ll use the Acura mats in the non-winter months. The dealer also installed the splash guards.

I really like the way it drives compared to the NX300. SH-AWD is worlds better than the slip to grip on the NX and our QX60. The differences between the driving modes are much more noticeable than the NX as well. Sport mode is very aggressive IMO.

The Taycan costs £76,899 with the Performance Battery Plus. I have the running boards and splash guards. They make the car look “complete”, help with your footing when getting out, and, as a bonus, allow you to reach the top of the car to get snow off. Now you got me thinking about the lights. I am not sure how far the running boards stick out.

But might that change with the arrival of the BMW i4, particularly in this fast, four-wheel drive M50 specification, which pits the quickest i4 more or less against the lowliest Taycan. The Porsche Taycan has become our default choice as an EV sports saloon because, above all else, it still drives like a Porsche. I wish my 2020 RDX advance had the carplay directions in the HUD. I wonder if we will have a way to “upgrade” to that by changing the system or a software update…

Custom Order 2022 Amg Gle 53 Arrived & Review

I would also be willing to be that I am much older than Mr. @hintonwood and I don’t think I am too old for your videos. You have a nice color and interior for sure. I am on a waiting list for the 350h premium package with options forex brokers like the 14 inch screen, cold weather and other options Lexus throws in. Congrats to you as well, it’s an amazing car, puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. You need to get some real 5.1 audio files to play in that car.

My Review Of The 2022 Lexus 350h Premium

Now that doesn’t happen because the Apps menu does not appear on the dash, only in the HUD. Yes that is very true wheel size does affect mpg but it shouldn’t affect it by 7mpg. On another note I noticed your premium package has the 20 inch tires. Many premium I see online do not have the 20 inch tires.

Custom Order 2022 Amg Gle 53 Arrived & Review

I went to the Porsche site and everything is an option. Thanks for the heads up in advance, after reading the comments not going to waste my time either. And Audi has a quarter of quality control checks compared to Porsche, so naturally Audi is always the shittier version of whatever Porsche makes, to put it to language you like Financial leverage to use. NO, Porsche owns VW which in turn owns Audi and all other brands including Porsche cars. But it is Porsche family who controls VW, and as such it is Wolfgang Heinz Porsche who is the chairman of the board of Porsche SE which has control over VW Group. Wolfgang is on the Ferry Porsche side of family, not on Piech side .

So ultimately, it is Porsche who owns VW today, in reality. I’d like to know what P cars you have owned though to come to that conclusion. I also respect that they said it doesn’t feel as agile as the M3/M4 because it’s carrying more weight. This base Porsche Taycan is our favourite variant of our favourite EV. Rear-drive only it has 375bhp and 484lb ft of torque. ELS sound will not disappoint, but all of the extras you can turn on are all bad .

You can forget about MSRP also as dealers own you. You can have it, as you can have base Macans all day long. In the VW heirarchy Porsche is just below Lamborghini.

People just say stuff thinking they know something when they dont, this happens sometimes. Replaced HPFP on my 911, but that part is same cost as on E92 335i that was failing on these forums everyday and twice on sunday I recall. It’s slower accelerating than the BMW. The Taycan can go from 0-62mph in 5.4sec but with a two-speed transmission has a higher top speed, 143mph. Its 87.3kWh battery gives it a range of up to 301 miles and it can be charged at up to 270kW.

If you would like I could make another video on just the infotainment system. Here i4M50 base price without any options is 68.000€ while Taycan bitcoin brokers canada RWD 350KW bace price is 95.000€. Here i4M50 base price without any options is 68.000€ while Taycan RWD 350KW bace price is 95.000€.

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